Journal History

Jurnal Kimia dan Kemasan was first issued at 1979 with the name Bulletin Penelitian (ISSN 0126-3803), then in 2010, it changed into Jurnal Kimia dan Kemasan.

Previously, Jurnal Kimia dan Kemasan was published in printed version, but in Vol. 39 No. 1 April 2017, Jurnal Kimia dan Kemasan is published online. All process from the submission, reviewing and editing is conducted online through Jurnal Kimia dan Kemasan website:

In 2018, we were narrowing our scope from "organic and inorganic chemistry, packaging materials and technologies" into "a) Applied chemistry including natural product (essential oils, palm oil derivative, natural dye), biopolymer, chemical synthesis, and problems of chemical processes and apparatus; and also b) packaging material and technology"

May 3rd 2018, Jurnal Kimia dan Kemasan is indexed by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal)