(Study on Extraction of Blue Colouring Telang's (Cliteria ternatea L.) And Its Characteristics)

Tiurlan Farida Hutajulu, Aan Yulistia


This research is intended to study the type of extraction solvent and to characteristize the blue colour of telang's flowers as a food colouring material,using ethanol 10%,30%,50%,95%,atanol-acetic 1%,5%,10% and water for 24 hours,at room temperature.The characteristic of blue colour of telangs flower were analyzed with qualitative and quantitative analysis.The highest yield was 7.64%(by using)eatanol-acetic 10% solvent and the lowest yield was 4.75% by using water.The absorbance intensity of blue colouring with water solvent using chromameter were green and blue.Meanwhile for those by using etanol-asetat solvents were red and blue.The melting points of blue colouring was 54.1 degree C-55.0 degree C.It was obtained that in acidic solution (pH<4.5)the solution has red colour.In neutral solution (pH 7-8)the colour was blue and in basic solution (pH>9),it was greenish to colourless.The Rf points of blue colouring were 0.13;0.27;0.38;0.50 and 0.63 and those consist of delpyne 3,5 diglucose;delpydine-3glucose,malvidine-glucose and petunidine.The highest concentration of colour quantitative analysis was2320.39 ppm.The flavonoid and alkaloid result by using HPLC analysis was 6.56 ppm and 318.03 ppm.The analysis result of ca-oksalat and sulphur was 215.36 ppm


Telangs flower, extraction, blue colour, food colour, characteristic

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32765/warta%20ihp.v23i02.2539


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