(Potency of Indonesian essential oils of non-exported commodities as sources of natural aroma chemical).

Salya Sait


In search for the aroma industrial utilization of indonesia essential oils of non-exported commodities,yhe main chemical constituents of essential oils originated from the plant species of some cinnamomum,e.g. c.javanicum, c.camphora and c sintok,also foeniculum vulgare,hyptis suaveolens and ocimum canum,which are all grown likely in indonesia,were surveyed by literature.Based on criterion that the amount of each constituents present inthe oil must exceed  10%, enantiomerically pure and harmless to man.it was found found that the cinnamomum species be likely the sources of safrole,whereas only foeniculum vulgare be likrly the source of fenchone.


Essential oils, potency of Indonesia, non-exported commodities, natural aroma chemicals

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32765/warta%20ihp.v9i1-2.2389


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